Scavengers E3 2019 Early Gameplay Trailer

Midwinter Entertainment debuted an early gameplay trailer for Scavengers during the YouTube Live at E3 2019 broadcast.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:

Keep Warm. Together.

Scavengers brings the excitement and unpredictability of class-based team building to its unique blend of competitive and cooperative survival gameplay. Every round is a perfect puzzle for you and your team to unlock together.

Hostile Living World.

Things in Scavengers that will try to kill you: Savage Outlander raiders, mutated Scourge monstrosities, extreme weather, gnawing starvation, opposing players, and the occasional angry grizzly bear. Things in Scavengers that will keep you alive: Your teammates, your wits, and your aim. Good luck!

Cooperate to Survive. Compete to Win.

Opposing teams in Scavengers are more than just targets, as you’ll need to work together to achieve larger goals. But once those goals are achieved…all bets are off. Will you trust others? Will they trust you? Welcome to Scavengers.

Scavengers playtest is scheduled for 2019. Sign-ups are available here. The game is planned for release on PC.

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