All of us have heard of Tanmay “Scout” Singh, one of the biggest names in the Indian eSports scene. This is largely due to his impressive run as a pro player of PUBG Mobile as well as a member of Fnatic India. Scout gained an immense following on YouTube due to his skills and a loud persona.

But unfortunately, fame comes at  price and for Scout it was being targeted by hackers who managed to get into his YouTube account. This made SCout take to Twitter to voice his concern and ask YouTube for help as he was unable to recover his account using any other means.

According to Urvesh, Scout’s YT editor, the hackers managed to change the recovery email address as well which made it impossible to recover the account. None of the hackers have made any changes or harmed the YT account in any way and it is highly unlikely that they’ll be able to do anything because YouTube is working on the recovery process. 

This drives home the fact that one should always enable two factor authentication to keep your account as safe as possible.

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