Shadow of War and More Games added to Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is already great value for money but it’s getting more and more impressive as the days go on. Today they announced that a bunch of games would be added to Xbox Game Pass starting today. Here’s the list of new games.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – 4th July  -Xbox| PC

My Time at Portia – 4th July  -Xbox| PC

Undertale – 4th July -PC

Blazing Chrome – 11th July​  -Xbox| PC

Dead Rising 4 – 11th July -Xbox| PC

LEGO City Undercover – 11th July- Xbox

Timespinner – 11th July- PC

Unavowed – 11th July- PC

There’s a lot of great games here like Shadow of War, Undertale and Dead Rising 4.

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