Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Story Length Revealed

Spider-Man is a little over a week away from release with the review embargo being dropped on 3rd September but we have some information regarding the game thanks to the Community Director of Insomniac Games, James Stevenson.

James Stevenson, who is quite active on Twitter, was kind enough to reply to a fan’s query on the length of the game. He stated that it was about 20 hours long on average when played on the default difficulty with minimal side-quests. If one were to engage in the plethora of side-activities and missions then the figure would be much higher. This seems like a normal length for a game of this type. Yakuza 0, another game with a ton of side-quests also only has a play time of 20 hours if you focus on just the main story. With how engaging and detailed New York City has been made, I doubt anyone would rush through the story while ignoring side quests.

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