Square Enix trademarks Collection of Mana in Japan following western Mana series trademarks

Square Enix has trademarked “Collection of Mana” in Japan.

The company also recently filed trademarks for “Final Fantasy Adventure” in the United StatesCanada, and Europe; “Mystic Quest” in the United StatesCanada, and Europe; and “Secret of Mana” in the United States and Canada.

Final Fantasy Adventure and Mystic Quest are the North American and European names for the first entry in Square Enix’s Mana series, which is called Seiken Densetsu in Japan. Secret of Mana is the second entry in the series, known as Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan. Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released in the west.

In Japan, Square Enix released a Seiken Densetsu Collection including the first three games for Switch in June 2017. Although never localized, Secret of Mana 3D remake producer Masaru Oyamada said in January 2018, “We’ve obviously heard a lot of demands and requests for that game to be released in the west, and that’s something we will do our best to hopefully achieve, but nothing at this moment in time.”

That being said, while the “Collection of Mana” trademark sounds like it could be the western title for the Seiken Densetsu Collection, the oddity would be that that the trademark for the collection name itself comes from Japan and not Square Enix’s western branches.

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