Steam Summer Sale Date Leaked: Starts on 25th June

Its summer time, E3 is over and things seemed to have calmed down for a bit after all the hype excitement of E3. But, that’s about to change thanks to Steam and their famous Summer Sale.

While not officially announced yet, the SteamDB twitter has pointed out that the date has been leaked thanks to it being pointed out by SteamCN, the Chinese Steam community page. This leak states that it starts on June 25th, 10AM PST which is 5PM GMT/ 10:30PM IST.

The Steam Summer Sale is going to last two full weeks according to the leak and we can expect Summer Sale specific trading cards, XP and mini-games to make a return.

Thanks to Epic Games coming in with their Epic Mega Sale as well as snatching up devs to publish their games exclusively to their storefront, we can maybe hope and expect that Steam will try to outdo their sale and maybe even have some crazy deals.

Steam Summer Sale used to be a crazy time back when it first began with amazing flash sales and great discounts on some much sought after games but the past couple of years, people have been a bit disappointed by the Steam Summer Sale. Maybe this year, Steam will make a comeback and have those crazy amazing sales that they were known.

So, prepare your wallets, your bank accounts, your bitcoins and your body for the Steam Summer Sale which may or may not make you broke, unless you already are.

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