Stellaris Console Edition – Review

Stellaris is a grand strategy game set in the entire galaxy, with the idea of space exploration at the core of the game; with a mass variety of alien races to choose from, to deciding what the nature of your civilisation should be? Allowing the player a host of choices to choose from and hence self determine their journey of exploring the Stellaris Galaxy.

Platform- PS4, Xbox, PC
Price- 2758 Rs
Developer- Paradox Interactive, Paradox Development Studio, Tantalus Media
Publisher- Paradox Interactive


  • Effective translation of controls in console
  • Creates an feel of active living galaxy
  • Vast Scope for creative exploration and world building
  • Few restrictions, game allows player to set their goals and benchmark for achievement


  • Cluttering due to many menus and scrolling through the menus can get confusing and slow
  • Not as upto date with the PC version

Score: 7/10

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