Here’s The Best Way To Play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out now and is an extremely fun game. However since it is an RPG game like Origins, there might be times when you may be under-leveled for the mission at hand or maybe you’re someone who just likes to over-level their character and then play. Want to know the best way to level up? Here are a few ways to help you:

Fight at the Arena

The Arena opens up after you finish the side-quest “They Just Want Cruelty” which you get after killing your first mercenary. The Arena itself is at the South-East corner of the map in Pephka. Pephka itself is a level 26 area so go there with caution and as soon as you feel you can go there without getting destroyed. Once there, the Arena is a great place to 1v1 Mercenaries who slowly show up and not only give you XP for killing them also Bonus XP for fighting at the Arena. There’s also Arena Champions who can give you a huge amount of XP and can be fought multiple times to get half of the initial XP that you get from them.

Conquer Forts

Conquering Forts can be quite a difficult task but once you do them, it opens up the Conquest Battle for the location which will give you really good XP. So make sure to do that. While you’re conquering forts, try to chain stealth kills or go for headshots and overpowered kills to increase the amount of XP you receive from killing guards.

Side Quests and Contracts

The good ol’ common sense tip. Side Quests are a great way to explore the map, meet new characters and also to gain some nice XP. While you’re on your side-quest tab, you can see how much XP it will net you by the colour of the XP reward. The colour system is the same as the loot system so Grey is low and Gold is very high with purple being in between. While you’re in a town make sure to pick up contracts from the Message Boards so that you can slowly complete them over time as you play through the game.

That’s some of the few great ways to gain XP in the game when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Although we do feel that if you keep doing side-quests along with the main mission and take your time to explore the gorgeous and magnificent world, you shouldn’t have problems levelling up.

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