Clash Royale Clan Wars 2: Everything We Know So Far

Developer Supercell is planning on releasing a new Clash Royale update this August. The update will feature a completely revamped Clan Wars system. This update is separate from the seasonal updates to the game and is much anticipated by the fanbase.

But what exactly is in Clan Wars 2?

In this revamped clan system you and your clan will be sailing down the river on a boat, collecting rewards for yourself and your clan. By completing tasks along the way, battling other clans, earning fame, and ultimately reaching the clan war Colosseum you and your clan will get more rewards based on how fast you reach the end.

The main objective of Clan Wars 2 is to win the river race to the clan war Colosseum. The clan which finishes first will unlock huge rewards for the whole clan. But to reach the end you have to earn fame, which can be earned by completing River Race tasks such as- 1v1 battles, duels, boat battles, and boatyard.

Clan War Deck

Clan War 2 gives you the player full control to build four war decks from your collection. Each clan war deck is completely unique and there can be no overlapping between the four decks. Meaning you will have upto 32 unique cards to your build war decks.

According to the developers this is done so that all cards are relevant and you are not stuck with the same deck. You will use one of these decks to complete river tasks. Once you use a deck it will go on a cooldown regardless of a win or loss.


A new game mode that is coming with the update.Clan members will play duels against other players in a best out of 3 matches, with the winner earning cards or other rewards. According to the developers, duels will be the most epic battles ever seen in clash royale and players will need a couple of decks to master this game mode.

Boat Battles

It is a brand new PVE game mode where you can attack other boats directly and stop their progress. By doing this you can damage the enemy clan boats that you are racing against and stop them from progressing in the River race.


If your clan boat gets taken out by another clan you will have to repair it using the Boatyard. This is where all members of the clan can chip in and use their war decks to complete repairs on the boat.

The Trader

This is the new feature coming with this update and many fans of the series may be familiar with his face, its the Trader from Clash of Clans. The Trader will offer a variety of trades every single day and players can use their trade tokens to trade with him every single day.

Clan War Colosseum and Season Changes

In Clan Wars 2, seasons will consist of several River Races. At the end of the River Races your clan will reach the Clan War Colosseum, this is where Clan War Leagues will take place. Here top clans for around the globe will battle for glory and so much more.

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Top 5 Clash Royale Tips & Tricks to Help You Win

Clash Royale is a very competitive game around building a good deck and being quick enough to make decisions based on a bit of randomness and correct predictions. Here are few Clash Royale tips to help you get better at the game.

Deck Building

The most important part of the game that can win you games against people whom you thought you had no chance against. A smart deck that is balanced and plays to your strength will be extremely more beneficial to you than just having a random assortment of strong cards. Keep experimenting with your deck and always remember to keep it balanced. You’ll want every deck of yours to have at least one of the following cards: Low Elixir Ground Troop, Ranged Troop, High-Hitpoint Troop, Flying Troop, Damage-Causing Spell and a troop for Countering.

Initial Tactics

Once the match starts, assess your cards and determine whether or not you want to go on the offensive. Always going on the offensive is not a smart move so quickly assess the situation and if you think waiting for your opening and countering is a better move then do that. While there is luck involved in the game, there is also a lot of strategy and quick thinking required that can help you turn the tide in your favour.

Read Your Opponent

Pay attention to the cards your opponent uses and watch for patterns. This can lead to both, great offensive moves and defensive counters both which the opponent might not expect. Pay attention to the meta of the game which will help you understand your opponent’s moves and deck. If you time your troop deployment correctly based on correct predictions, the opponent will be caught off-guard, giving you the advantage.

Attack in Pairs

Sending in a lone troop to attack the enemy can lead to failures in most cases so try to send at least another one to assist them. One good strategy is to drop a troop at the back the arena and wait for them to make their way into enemy territory while your elixir charges up and you can also see how the enemy reacts to your troop deployment, and once they cross the bridge, you can send in support to assist them.

Watch and Learn

Watch people on Youtube and take note of their decks and strategize. Copying their decks is a good start to understanding how they play but make sure to make changes to it because many other players will also be using their deck if they’re famous. Other than that, make sure to watch your own old matches to see where you made mistakes, where you predicted wrong and to see how you can improve.

Those are a few tips to help you improve at the game that will take some time and patience but if you keep at it, you will be getting better sooner than later.

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Clash Royale Deck Guide for Arenas 1 and 2

Clash Royale has a huge bunch of cards, so it can be a little daunting to figure out which ones are right for your deck. But don’t worry, we’ll help you out. Today we’ll tell you about the must-have cards that all players should be using in the starting arenas.

When you start out in Arena 1, you’ll have access to almost all basic cards using which you can win your early games. The trump card amongst these will be the Giant.

Once you have that in your deck, now you need some cards to assist the Giant and make sure he reaches the enemy towers. For this purpose you can use archers and minions.

While your team is on its way to the enemy tower, it’s also important to have a few defensive cards to ruin your enemy’s plan of taking you down. You should try having a knight to stop the enemy troops, accompanied with the Arrow or Fireball. Arrow and Fireball are good for wiping out lower health units, and can even destroy the tower once its health is low enough. So you should have at least one of these in your deck.

If you have unlocked Hog Rider, you can use him in place of the Giant, or add to your offensive force and keep both in your deck, since Hog Rider is one of the best cards in the game for an offensive strategy.

While deploying your ground troops, you should also send accompanying air units so they can provide support and prevent them from taking a lot of damage. For this, the best card is Baby Dragon, which you unlock once you reach Arena 2.

At this level, it’s important that you start experimenting with your deck. Giant, Archers, Baby and Hog Rider are all great cards for starting out, so you should have them in some combination, as you have more options apart from them. Don’t worry too much about losing, as your aim in the beginning should be to understand your cards and how they can best complement each other.

The more you try different decks, you’ll get a better understanding of what combinations work for you. This way you’ll be able to figure out what lacks in your deck and make changes. And you’ll be able to defeat your opponents with no problems.

One thing you should keep in mind is the Elixir cost. Always keep the Elixir cost between 3.5 to 4 so you have a good mixture of high and low cost cards and you won’t have to wait for too long to use them.

Another important thing is to join a clan. This will give you more experience, gold and cards, and help you progress faster in the game. After a point you’ll be able to play 2 V 2 matches too, so you can partner up with a higher level player and learn from how they play.

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