COD Mobile Season 11 Anniversary Update: What To Expect?

Call of Duty Mobile next update is just around and you can expect this one to be quite special. This Season 11 update also marks the game’s 1-year anniversary in October so expect some surprises in the coming month.

As for the release date, COD Mobile Season 11 arrives on the 15th of October, this is when the Battle Pass for Season 10 ends.


A new Battle Royale class ‘Hacker’ will also be coming with COD Mobile Season 11.


There’s a chance that the developers also might release the new perk called Overkill. The perk allows players to equip two unique primary weapons at once in place of a secondary weapon.

There’s also the new operator skill ‘Tracker’ that has been spotted in the app’s Google Play Store screenshots.


Data-miners have also found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies. This along with the rumored return of Rebirth Island which was a zombies map from the original Call of Duty Black Ops has led many to believe in a return of the beloved zombie game mode.

This would be the perfect time to release the game mode once more considering this update would feature both the 1-year anniversary content as well as the Halloween content.


With each new update, the game adds more weapons to its already massive roster. However, this time it is not just one or two guns that are being added to the game but a whole bunch of them, according to the developer. The following are some of the weapons that were found in the game files and might make their way into the Season 11 update.

  • Fist melee
  • 48-Dredge LMG
  • M249 SAW 
  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28
  • KRM-262
  • G36

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COD Mobile: Best Operator Skills

In Call of Duty Mobile, players have an option to choose one operator skill to use in a multiplayer match. You unlock these skills by playing the game and leveling up. Activision themselves have described these skills just so that players can better understand what it is they are grinding for. The following are some of the best skills the game has to offer.


Unlocked at Level 3

A flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range. The first Operator Skill unlocked brings the heat… Literally. Upon activation, your soldier will whip out this flamethrower; hold down the fire button, and unleash a heatwave that will burn enemies to a crisp.

As detailed in the Purifier’s in-game description, the flamethrower’s main drawback is its short range. Expect to do plenty of damage up close against enemy forces, but don’t get your hopes up in attempting to burn someone sitting across the map. 


Unlocked at Level 15.

Formerly known as the “Scythe”. A hand-held minigun that slowly increases accuracy over time. This minigun fires fast and wildly at first, then continues its torrent of bullets with greater precision over time. 

Like other Operator Skills, the Scythe is best used when put up against multiple enemies. A normal weapon usually pails in comparison to this mini-gun, so going up against two, three, or a whole squad of enemies may not be an issue.


Unlocked at Level 26

A fully automatic grenade launcher with a devastating payload. Bring in the boomstick; the War Machine is a demolition expert’s dream, as it offers multiple grenade rounds in a circular drum and a fast-firing launcher to send them towards the enemy.

The War Machine’s payload travels in an arc towards targets, with direct hits being an instant kill and explosions within a few feet also typically resulting in a knockout. Firing a War Machine towards a group of enemies is a solid idea, as these explosives are deadly enough to take out a handful of enemies at once. 


Unlocked at Level 35

Hold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lightning at the target. Amp up your loadout with this electrifying weapon, which can shock enemies at any range with its lightning bolts.

The Tempest’s major strength is its ability to potentially turn an entire enemy team into a massive electric current. When a lightning bolt hits an enemy, any enemy within a few feet will also be downed as the current travels to other foes within close range.

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COD Mobile Season 10: What’s Coming

Call of Duty season 10 ‘The Hunt’ is just around the corner and here is what you can expect from the upcoming seasonal update. The update will feature a new class, skill, maps, game mode, new characters, and much more.

New Characters

COD Mobile Season 10, Call of Duty Mobile season 10

This season have some iconic characters from the franchise which will be unlockable through the battle pass. These characters are likely to be included in the next season:

  • Makarov
  • Outrider
  • Mara
  • Ghost Mace
  • Frank Woods

New Class- Hacker

A new class named ‘Hacker’ is also coming with the update. The class offers 2 abilities:-

The Active skill of this class is ‘Ice Pick,’ which will black out the minimap of nearby enemies.

The Passive ability of the ‘Hacker’ class is ‘Hard Wired‘ this ability will prevent you from getting revealed whenever an enemy is using the ‘Scout’ class and any interference will not block the radar in your minimap.

This class can give you a considerable advantage as enemy players will not be able to use their abilities when hacked.

New Operator Skill

Equalizer‘ description states, “Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close-quarters combat.” The skill takes inspiration from Synaptic’s Payload featured in COD Infinite Warfare.

New Map

Terminal is one of the most famous maps in the whole Call of Duty franchise is being featured in this update. This map comes from COD Modern Warfare 2’s ‘No Russian’ mission, which was quite controversial during the game’s initial launch.

Pine is also another familiar Gunfight map from Modern Warfare 2019.

Hardcore Mode

This mode will come halfway through the season so you can expect this drop by mid to late September. Players will deal higher damage across the board but will have lower health, no HP regeneration, and friendly fire. So place your shots carefully.

New Multiplayer Mode- Headquarters

With each season COD Mobile continues to add more and more game modes to the title. This season a new game mode called ‘Headquarters’ makes its way to the game. In this mode, you have to capture and hold the Headquarters to earn points. No respawns when defending.

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COD Mobile: How To Play On PC

Yes, you heard it right with the help of emulators you can play Call of Duty Mobile on PC. While the game is made to play on mobile many people don’t like the controls offered by the game. This is true even if we use a controller as many players find it more comfortable to use keyboard and mouse.

While there is an official emulator by the name of ‘Gameloop’ we wouldn’t recommend using it as it is made by Tencent. The emulator we would recommend is called ‘Bluestacks’ and it is quite popular in gaming community. You can also download other emulators such as LDPlayer, MeMu, KoPlayer, and Nox.

Step 1: First thing you have to do is download and install the emulator from this link

Step 2: Now that the emulator is installed open it and run Google Play Store and log in

Step 3: Search for COD Mobile and download it

Step 4: Run the game and adjust quality settings according to your PC hardware.

Note: The emulator may take a while to download even with fast internet connections.

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COD Mobile vs Free Fire, Which One To Play?

After the ban on PUBG Mobile, players are trying to find a game to fill up the void left by the it. They are now looking towards alternative games such as COD Mobile, Free Fire, Fortnite, and many more. The clear outlier here is definitely COD Mobile and Free Fire but which one is for you.


This is where both games are highly different as Free fire has a BR mode for 50 players whereas COD Mobile BR mode consists of 100 players. This results in highly different match dynamics as Free Fire offers instant matches lasting 10-15 minutes where player can get into the action straight away.

There’s also the matter of the no of maps available in the game. COD Mobile offers just a single battle royale map whereas Free Fire has three such maps like Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.


In terms of game modes COD Mobile has the upper hand as it offers a wide variety of game modes such as Front Line, Domination, Sniper Only, and Search and Destroy. There’s also a campaign mode which is coming in future along with a zombie mode which isn’t currently available but is expected to make its way to the game soon.

Free Fire on the other hand is mostly focused around Battle Royale although it does have Clash squad and Ranked mode. If you get bored of playing BR there’s not much option for you here whereas in COD Mobile there’s a game mode for everyone.


Both Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile give you options to choose from different characters, but even within these there are quite a few differences.

Call of Duty Mobile has characters only in the Battle Royale mode. Each character has its own role, like the medic, scout, and the defender. These classes are available to everyone, and you can play using any class, depending on what play style you prefer.

Free Fire is a little different in this, the first major difference being that you start off with 2 free characters, and you can continue to unlock more by simply playing the game. Most of the remaining characters you’ll be able to buy using the in-game currency you earn by playing matches. The only issue is that there are a few characters that you can purchase only with diamonds, and for these diamonds, you have to spend real-life money, there’s no other way.


It is quite obvious that COD Mobile has better graphics than Free Fire but it also means that the game requires you to have a decent phone to run it. One can even say that COD Mobile graphics are on the same level as a PC game which certainly adds to the experience and gives better immersion.


COD Mobile due to its resource intensive requirements needs a good quality phone to run it properly. Free Fire on the other hand can be played on nearly any smartphone due to its low requirements and hardly ever show signs of lagging and FPS drop.


Call of Duty Mobile

  • CPU Snapdragon 625 / 2GHz or higher
  • RAM 2GB (recommended 3GB for lag free experience)
  • Storage 1.03GB (2.6GB installed)

Free Fire

  • Almost any CPU
  • 1GB
  • 600MB (recommended 1.5GB)

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COD Mobile: How To Use Private Lobby

With PUBG Mobile banned, players are now looking towards alternative games such as COD Mobile to fill up that void left by the game. Due to this many beginners may not know about all the features the game has to offer. One such feature is the private lobby feature where you and your friends can play together without restrictions.

The private room feature allows players to create their own lobby where they can add their friends and even host some tournaments. These private rooms allow players to set some rules for their lobby such as map selection, game modes, weapons, squad mode, and many other interesting things.

Unfortunately only 10 people can be added in a single instance. Others can also be added as spectators to watch the match.

How To Create Private Room

Step 1: Click on the multiplayer mode icon on the main menu screen

Step 2: Open the drop down menu ‘≡’ in the top right corner and select private

Step 3: A private room will be created so invite your friends to join by pressing ‘+’ icon on the friends list

Step 4: Select your preferred game mode from the bottom right menu just above start

Step 5: From here you can also select your preferred map

Step 6: After finalizing all setting press start to jump into the match

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PUBG Mobile Ban: Everything You Need To Know

By now most of you must have heard about this unfortunate development, that PUBG Mobile has been banned in India. After a month of rumors surrounding its ban due to privacy concerns the Indian government has finally announced a ban on 118 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile.

According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, “PUBG Mobile has been banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, on grounds that they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.”


PUBG Mobile is developed by PUBG corporation(formerly Bluehole) which is based in South Korea but unlike its PC counterpart it is published by Tencent Games.

Tencent is a Chinese tech conglomerate which has a 10% stake in PUBG Corporation and is also suspected of sharing user data with the Chinese government. The reason for this ban is seemingly due to the risk of Indian user data being used by the Chinese government through companies such as Tencent.

It is ironic that the game itself was about to be banned in China back in 2017 due to its violent and graphic nature. However, an alternative version was released under the name “Fight for peace” which was state approved.


Although it was just a month ago that PUBG Mobile had updated its privacy policy for India and clarified how they utilize the user data to provide services. They even mentioned that the data provided by Indian users is now being stored in servers located in India.

Compared to users in other countries whose data is still being stored in Chinese servers, Indian users still had the extra layer of protection in terms of third parties accessing user info. All of this was done to protect the game from getting banned in India but that was all for nothing.


Players are now looking towards alternative games such as COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite to fill up that void left by PUBG. The clear outlier here is definitely COD Mobile. However, it seems that too is published by Tencent.


The game has had a huge impact in India in a sense that it became a cultural phenomenon. PUBG had more than 175 million game installation in India with around 25% of all of the game’s global player-base coming from here. It not only popularized gaming in India but also provided benefit to many industries, especially entertainment and mobile industry.


Previously, Pakistan too placed a similar ban on PUBG Mobile which was later lifted on July 26. After a public outcry on the internet, the country’s government officials had a meeting with game representatives in which they decided to reverse that order. According to Pakistan government officials, the reason for the ban was due to long term psychological effects.

A similar situation is possible in the case of India but the quickest solution would be for Tencent to cut ties with the game completely. However, that too seems unlikely considering how the game is a cash cow for the company.

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PUBG Mobile Banned, Is COD Mobile Next?

By now you might have heard about the ban on PUBG Mobile by the Indian Government. This is part of a larger Digital strike on 118 Chinese apps that are being banned in India.

Players are now looking towards alternative games such as COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite to fill up that void left by PUBG. The clear outlier here is definitely COD Mobile. However, it seems that too is developed by Tencent.


Call of Duty is one of the most successful video game series in the world with each game being published by Activision, an american video game company. Activision hired TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of the Chinese conglomerate, Tencent Holdings to lead the development of its mobile title. The game was later published by Activision and Tencent with only a small portion of the revenue going to the latter.

However, just a month ago Activision has cut ties with Tencent due to Trump’s orders that restricts companies operating in the US to conduct any transactions with Chinese companies.


The situation surrounding the game and its possible ban is still uncertain as the game series “Call of Duty” still belongs to Activision but it is developed by TiMi Studios, a Chinese company which is part of Tencent itself. However, the situation seems more hopeful now that Tencent is out of the picture.

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Call of Duty Mobile: Days of Summer Event

While players were waiting in anticipation for season 9 to drop, it seems Activision has just added the ‘Days of Summer Event’ as part of The Forge season 8, to the game on July 28. The limited time event allows players to earn cosmetic rewards including the Purifier – H20 skin, a water-based skin for the Purifier Operator Skill that douses your enemies with water like a giant toy spray gun rather than in flames.

Much like the previous updates players would need to complete 12 tasks listed below to unlock these cosmetic rewards.

  • Play 3 Juggernaut Matches
  • Play 10 Juggernaut Matches
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Kill 15 Enemies on it
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Play 5 MP Matches with Friends on it
  • Kill 30 Enemies in Juggernaut Matches
  • Stay Online for 15 min in total
  • Stay Online for 30 min in total
  • Stay Online for 45 min in total
  • Stay Online for 60 min in total
  • Play 3 Gunfight Matches
  • Send 5 XP cards to Friends
  • Play 5 Kill Confirmed Matches

Though the tasks themselves aren’t that difficult and can be completed in a single session, Activision has released five tips to help players complete these challenges.

Top 5 Tips for Days of Summer

  • I am the Juggernaut- It may be easier to get 30 enemies in Juggernaut matches while being the XS-1 Goliath rather than a regular soldier. Try to get the suit early and dominate your competition… Or take it easy, as you have to also complete 10 matches anyways to knock out two other challenges.
  • Friends in High(rise) Places- Consider tackling the “Kill 15 Enemies” on Highrise challenge while also playing with friends to take out two challenges in (theoretically) one session.
  • Gunfight and Kill Confirmed- These two new-er modes are some serious fun; it’s okay if these challenges are your excuse to play them, because you’ll find out exactly why so many players love them in Mobile!
  • Time Keeps on Slippin- Remember to take healthy breaks while playing – you can easily knock out the “Stay Online” challenges in no-time without needing to pull an all-nighter (or all-dayer).
  • Friends Forever- If your friends don’t already have Call of Duty: Mobile, now is a great time to invite them. That way, you can send them some XP Cards and play some Highrise matches, which takes care of two of those challenges.  

Though there isn’t an end date to the event it can be assumed that the event may end by late August. But you might wanna be ready as season 9 is just around the corner.

Players will also have a chance to earn many other rewards including SMRS- Barrier Reef, Frag Grenade- Water Festival, CODM Credits, and more by just playing the game during this event.

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When Call of Duty: Mobile released in October 2019 no one knew that it would go on to become the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Upon release, Call of Duty: Mobile had dived headfirst in a market dominated by the likes of PUBG and Garena’s Free Fire.

The game surpassed all expectations by becoming one of the biggest mobile game launches in history with over 250 Million downloads by June 2020. Bringing an almost console-esque experience in the hands of millions of people, COD Mobile is one of the hottest games right now.

With its battle royale and team deathmatch multiplayer modes coupled with fluid movement and shooting mechanics, it takes time to improve at Call of Duty: Mobile but using the tips listed below, you’ll be owning noobs in no time.

Source: Mobilegamingunlimited
  1. Optimize your in-game settings: If you own a phone which supports Ultra HD graphics but does so at a lower FPS, you should always lower the quality in order to get better frame rendering and higher framerates. A high framerate results in more responsiveness from your device which results in an in-game advantage over players who use higher graphics settings. Try out different control methods, especially the Advanced Mode which enables one to completely customize the HUD(Heads-up display), how to hold your weapon, and adjust the crosshair.
Source: Reddit
  1. Select your character class correctly: COD Mobile has multiple classes for you to choose from in the Battle Royale mode. These classes are:-

Clown- This class mobilizes zombies that will attack all enemies near you, all the while reducing your vulnerability to them. Useful in late-game scenarios when you may need to detect campers. Abilities include Toy Bomb and Anti-zombie.

Ninja- As the name suggests, this class provides equips you with two advantages: stealth and mobility using the Dead Silence and Grapple Gun abilities respectively.

Defender- Useful when you’re in an open area, Defender has the ability to place a Transform Shield in front of you for cover. The Reinforced ability reduces the damage you take from everything except bullets.

Mechanic- The Mechanic class can call in an EMP Drone that causes interference to hostels around you. The Engineer ability provides augmented sight for vehicles, traps, and equipment.

Smoke Bomber- This is the newest class in COD Mobile and it summons a cloud of smoke on the user targeted area. This slows down the enemies while revealing their location.

Medic- One of the most useful classes in the game, Medic has the ability to put up a medical station that heals the entire team. The healing time is also reduced.

Scout- The sensor dart ability in the Scout class helps reveal enemy positions on the radar. The passive ability is that this class can see fresh enemy footprints.

Trap Master- This class is one of the most versatile classes in-game, you can set up high voltage wire traps that reduce enemy health significantly. The class also increases the skill recharge and movement speed of nearby allies.

Airborne- Airborne class has the ability to catapult your entire team into the air using a device aptly name, ‘Ejection Device’. It’s great for escaping or reaching an Airdrop first. The passive ability which increases your buoyancy helps you glide further.

Poltergeist- Similar to Apex Legends’ Wraith, this class has the ability to become near-invisible in order to escape enemies stealthily. Your movement speed is also increased while being in the stealth state. 

Trickster- One of the best classes in the game, Trickster can create holographic imposters of itself, thereby confusing enemies. It also helps detect enemy locations due to increased hearing prowess.

Source: Times Of India
  1. Communication is key: It is always recommended that if you want to improve, you should play with a pre-made squad. Learn the call-outs, walk your teammates through tactics, try out different playstyles with your teammates, and see which one suits you best.
Source: Gamespot
  1. Work on your movement: All good players in the FPS genre have one thing in common and that is impeccable movement. Good aim can only get you so far but knowing how to peek corners when to crouch when to go prone and how to use cover effectively makes or breaks a player. Learn how to pre-fire those corners, predicting the location of the enemy and pre-firing is the easiest way to get a guaranteed kill. Learn how to crouch slide in order to get behind cover effectively and without taking damage.
  1. Use your throwables effectively: COD Moblie has multiple throwables available for use. Learning how to use them effectively can give you the upper hand in every situation. Timing your flashbangs correctly can get you an easy squad-wipe by killing the disoriented enemies. Smoke grenades can help you prevent enemies get extra information about your position.
Source: Activision
  1. Make use of your Scorestreaks: When you manage to get a kill chain, your character will be awarded with various kill streaks such as UAV, Drone and a Predator Missile. These kill streaks will help you turn the battle around to your advantage and can be customized according to your needs. 
Source: Dexerto
  1. Pay attention to your ammo: It’s very common for people to find themselves running of ammo, especially when you’re running and gunning(and actually getting the kills). In order to keep your ammo in check learn how to spray and burst fire effectively. Using single shots when necessary helps conserve ammo. Diversifying your weapon choices can help you adjust to the type of ammo that is available in the vicinity.
Source: Activision
  1. Try to avoid first contact while playing BR: When you are learning the game, you should try and drop at zones with fewer enemy squads as this helps you loot more effectively. You can build up your arsenal and then take on enemies to give you a higher chance of securing kills.
Source: Activision
  1. Chase Airdrops: You should try to chase airdrops but not only to loot but also to kill other enemies who may be coming towards the airdrop. Be careful, this can backfire too if another team is waiting for you there so be vigilant of your surroundings.
Source: Digital Trends
  1. Keep moving: Although arguably it’s not always a good idea to be constantly on the move while playing the BR, you should be careful not to wait too long in one area because as the zone shrinks you may have to move and other teams may be waiting to take you out at the edge of the zone. Also, We hate campers.

TL:DR- Git gud and happy gaming!