Was the Metro Exodus and Epic Games Store Deal Pre-Planned by Deep Silver?

After the news of Metro Exodus being an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year hit the internet, there was backlash from people and that backlash might seem to be growing even bigger.

After the exclusivity deal between Metro Exodus and Epic Games was published, the folks who pre-ordered the game on Steam and those who bought the physical copies of the game were worried since they were also going to a receive a Steam code.

Those who pre-ordered on Steam were told that their product would still work on Steam and nothing would change for them. Physical Copies were also going to follow the same thing until we saw this tweet thanks to Reddit user /u/Nicolas873.

This is where this whole deal gets shady. Physical Copies of a game ship with the code already printed in them. And these copies are made in advance, usually when they go Gold. The game went Gold in December and when they go Gold, they’re packaged and prepared for release

Taken From the Rifle Class Youtube video that released on 23rd January.

With only 2 weeks until the release of the game, this means that the codes printed on these copies were already an Epic Store key and not a Steam key. Chances are high that the physical copy will have the Epic Games Store installer on it with no mention of Steam, thus making it evident that this deal was made well in advance of the announcement.

The publishers, Deep Silver, already had the deal in place because recalling so many units and then changing the code on them would be quite tedious and not cost-efficient. So even though they knew about the deal, they decided to wait until the last minute to make it public.

Taken on the Collector’s Edition Page of the game on 30th January.

But why wait until the last moment to do so? It’s pretty simple. Steam is still the biggest market out there and Metro Exodus has been featured on the Store Page which is free marketing for the game. So while the game units were packaged with Epic Store codes in them, they were still being advertised as being on Steam everywhere else. And, still is being advertised as such on the game’s website.

This whole deal seems really fishy and doesn’t make the Epic Games Store look good at all. Not to mention, the folks at Steam will surely not be happy with this and might take Deep Silver and/or Epic to court over this. Especially since they marketed the game as being on Steam.

As we get more information, we’ll update this post but until then, having a conversation about this deal and the way Epic seem to be taking on Steam would really help us consumers as this exclusivity of games on PC will just keep getting worse. Especially if it is exclusive to a platform that doesn’t benefit the consumer.

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