Hitman 2 Takes You to the Maldives in it’s Latest Update

Did you ever wish Agent 47 would get to take a vacation? Well, your weird wish has somewhat come true because Agent 47 gets to go the Maldives. But he has to kill people here as well.

This new map, Haven Island, will let you live out all your fantasies of going to a pristine island with crystal clear water so that you can relax and take out some of the scum that’s plaguing the world. Wait, what do you mean you’ve never thought about that?

Along with the Maldives, Hitman 2 is also getting a plethora of new Escalation missions.

September 5 / Escalation Contract / The Dalton Dissection

We’re going back to the bank with a bang. Brilliant.

The Dalton Dissection is a 3-stage Escalation Contract that has 47 starting with a restricted loadout, and cannot change disguise from the (lovable?) bank robber disguise. Expect this one to ramp up and fast. With new complications, targets and restrictions added, you’ll be bouncing around the bank as a bunny before you begin to believe it.

September 5 / Escalation Contract / The Covert Dispersal

If one Escalation Contract wasn’t enough for one day, we’ve got another one for you. This time; Whittleton Creek. This one revolves around the garden party.

Your mission is to take care of the undercover officers at the party. But please, try to do this in style. We don’t need you to become the biggest party pooper in town.

And those are just the two that start things off so pack your bags and get ready to fly across the world of Hitman for more assassinations, more disguises and more clever ways to do your job as the world’s best Hitman.

You can read more about the rest of the September Roadmap here.

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