HyperX Announced As Official Sponsor Of PUBG Nations Cup

HyperX®, a division of Kingston Technology, today announced full peripherals sponsorship of PUBG Nations Cup, the first all-star event in PUBG Esports. Top-tier players from around the globe will take part in international competition as the world’s best PUBG teams face off for a shot at glory. HyperX will be the official sponsor, providing the event with quality gaming equipment including Cloud Alpha, Cloud Earbuds, Pulsefire FPS Pro, Alloy FPS RGB and FURY RGB SSD.

“We’re excited to extend our support for PUBG community from FACEIT Global Summit to PUBG Nations Cup,” said Susan Yang, director of APAC marketing, HyperX. “With the support of HyperX peripherals, we aim to demonstrate how professional-grade gear empowers PUBG gamers and enhances their gaming experience.”

PUBG Nations Cup will take place at Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea from August 9th to 11th. A total of 16 teams from across five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania) are represented in the international competition, bringing together the world’s top PUBG talent to one location for a $500,000 prize pool and the honor of lifting the PUBG Nations Cup trophy.

“Having quality partners is indicative of the type of event we strive to host, so we’re extremely excited to be partnering with HyperX for our first premier global esports event of the year,” said Julian Schwartz, Central Esports Business Development Manager for PUBG Corporation. “Their brand and products are truly among the best in class around the world, so it was an excellent fit for both PUBG Nations Cup and PUBG Esports as a whole.”

In addition to watching exciting matches, PUBG fans can also experience various HyperX gaming peripherals at the HyperX booth in gate 2 hallway during the show. For more information, please visit https://www.hyperxgaming.com/.

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HyperX Sets DDR4 Overclocking World Record at 5902MHz

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, today announced that HyperX Predator DDR4 memory was used by MSI’s in-house overclocking team to set a new overclocking world record for the fastest DDR4 memory frequency at 5902MHz. The overclocker broke the record with a HyperX Predator DDR4 8G module and an Intel® Core™ i99900K on an MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC motherboard. 


“HyperX is honored to be part of the revolutionary breakthrough in DDR4 overclocking history,” said HyperX. “An over-5900MHz record marked a new era of DDR4 memory since its release in 2014. HyperX engineers will continue to improve high-speed yields to get faster products and push previously unattainable performance records.” 

 Earlier this year, HyperX Predator DDR4 was used to set the world record at 5608MHz. Since then, HyperX has expanded its Predator DDR4 memory module product line to 4266MHz and 4600MHz frequency along with latencies from CL12-CL19. HyperX memory modules are Intel XMP ready and its certified profiles are optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets and are compatible with many of AMD’s latest chipsets. 


Available as 4GB-16GB single modules and kits of two, four, and eight with capacities of 8GB – 128GB, HyperX Predator DDR4 memories are 100-percent factory tested at speed and backed by a lifetime warranty, with free technical support and legendary reliability.

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Kingston Technology among Top 10 Semiconductor Chip Buyers in the World

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced it is among the top 10 list of semiconductor chip buyers globally as determined by Gartner, Inc. Gartner studied the total allocated market looking at total chip spending across many verticals including PC, data center, smart phone, IoT (Internet of Things) and other applications. Kingston is ranked number 8 having spent an estimated $7.84 billion (USD) for 2018, according to Gartner.

Kingston climbed to the top 10 for the first time since Gartner began its design total allocated market (TAM) research in 2007. The increase is fueled in part because Kingston is a top memory manufacturer for many of the OEM and ODMs that produce smart devices and Kingston continues to offer value and service in these market segments. In 2018, Kingston produced over 14 trillion Megabytes of memory across all product lines including DRAM, SSDs and embedded solutions, a massive amount that reinforces its strength, position and importance in the industry.

Gartner stated that chip spending in recent years has been driven mainly by the growth in consumption of PCs and smart phones. Leading OEMs in these areas gained more market share and increased their chip buying power as a result. Gartner further predicts that other growth markets will ignite future demand such as new business opportunities in China focusing on Cloud servers and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints that will arise in and after 2022. With Kingston’s buying power, global partnerships and manufacturing facilities located in China and the Asia-Pacific region, Kingston is positioned to take full advantage of these growth opportunities.

“While server and system memory continue to be the foundation of Kingston’s success, our strength over the past 15 years has been to diversify our product portfolio to address industry changes and adapt to ever-evolving market needs,” said Craig Tilmont, director of marketing, Kingston. “We are one of the top suppliers of SSDs in the channel and have been supplying embedded memory solutions for almost a decade in various industrial applications including medical devices, diagnostic equipment and in-flight entertainment systems. Kingston memory solutions are also found everywhere including consumer products such as fitness trackers, smart watches, robotic vacuums and security video doorbells.”

The following chart from Gartner shows the top 10 OEM chip spending:

For more than 30 years, Kingston has created memory products and storage solutions that empower innovation. Today, Kingston ships to 125 countries and employs over 3,500 people around the world. Kingston develops products to increase productivity and overall system performance, with solutions for servers, desktops, and IoT devices. Kingston makes technology solutions that facilitate people’s everyday needs and supports them wherever they are.

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HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard Review

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard is an affordable RGB backlit keyboard that aims to give you a great gaming and typing experience while also being a dependable keyboard that doesn’t skimp out on style. So, how good is this keyboard? Let’s find out.


HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Type: Membrane
Backlight: RGB (5 Zones Multi-color Customization)
Light effects: 6 LED modes and 3 brightness levels
Connection type: USB 2.0
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Anti-ghosting: Multi-key anti-ghosting
Media control: Yes
Game Mode: Yes
Spill resistance: tested up to 120ml of liquid
OS compatibility: Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7


Type: Attached, braided
Length: 1.8m


Width: 443.20mm
Depth: 175.31mm
Height: 35.68mm
Weight (Keyboard and cable): 1121g

This is an entry-level gaming keyboard that comes with beautiful RGB backlighting. Now first things first, this isn’t a mechanical keyboard. But that doesn’t mean its bad by any means. It’s a membrane keyboard that has really good tactility and pressing buttons is satisfying. Both the gaming and typing experience was enjoyable and I faced no issues which limited my abilities or hindered my experience.

The whole area behind the keycaps is lit and there’s an additional light strip on top of the keyboard. There is one small annoyance with the RGB though. From certain angles, it looks like there are dark spots on the keycaps and it feels like light isn’t passing through it. This seems to be because of the plastic shell under the key. However, this isn’t too big of an issue and only shows up when looking at the keyboard from certain angles

Furthermore, the RGB doesn’t require you to install any software. It comes with dedicated keys for the brightness and colours. There’s also an additional Gaming Key which locks the Windows key so you won’t accidentally hit it while playing. The brightness setting has 3 options. Off, Low Brightness and High Brightness.

The other key controls the pattern, of which there are five. Three of them are different colour cycles while one is a red breathing effect and the last one is a static red backlight.

It also comes with dedicated media keys which is something that even high-end keyboards sometimes lack. You have a set of media playback keys and you also have the volume control keys. These come in pretty handy when consuming media both offline and online.

The keyboard itself is very sturdy and feels heavy at 1.1Kg. The keys are sleek looking and feel a bit rubbery but also smooth. It’s an interesting tactile feeling that I personally liked. The keyboard also has a braided cable so it will last you longer because the cable won’t have issues any time soon.

For people who have snacks and drinks near the keyboard, this keyboard is also spill-resistant so if you drop water or any drink on it, your keyboard won’t die. While it is not advisable to drop any liquid on it, it can withstand 120ml of liquid.

This keyboard comes in at Rs 4,699 and while its competitors are cheaper, this is HyperX’s first foray into the budget gaming keyboard market and they’ve done a very good job.

If you would like to purchase this product, you can do so from our store page which also helps support us.

Product Page

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HyperX Sponsored ESL Summer Season Concludes On a High Note

Mumbai, India, 1 July 2019: HyperX sponsored ESL India Premiership, which is one of India’s best esports tournaments, for the Fourth consecutive year to support Indian Gaming. This three-month long ESL Summer Season of this tournament had a series of qualifiers leading to the finale event on 29th & 30th June at Phoenix MarketCity in Mumbai.

Apart from the sponsorship, HyperX also showcased its new brand colors, with an exclusive super engaging gaming booth. Like always, their aim was to let the audience experience their favorite games with HyperX products and peripherals at different price points. HyperX even announced its signature Flash Sale with limited products at a flat 60% discount. The brand had record number of matches played at their booth with over 360 CS:GO 1v1 matches on PC, and over 400 Street Fighter V 1v1 matches played on PlayStation.


The brand surprised their recently sponsored esports Team – Entity Gaming – where they revealed their fan-sent messages on a wall, followed by a signing activity with their fans.  HyperX also promoted ‘Game Streaming’ with special invites to select budding streamers and conducted workshops for it on both days. Apart from that, the brand had a lot of social media contests to excite the gaming enthusiasts and energize this competitive ESL platform.

 Other than the champions, HyperX gave eight Pro-Gamer Awards to MVPs from DOTA 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive, for showing ultimate efficiency and devotion.

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Kingston Announces Next Gen SSDs At Computex 2019

For over three decades, Kingston, a world leader in memory storage products and technology solutions, continues to develop industry-leading products and technology solutions with great performance, reliability and consistency. This year during Computex, Kingston aims to show high-performance storage products for consumer and enterprise, as well as embedded solutions which power products found in your everyday life. With memory products that empower innovation, Kingston is everywhere with you. The highlighted demo products include:

Next-Generation SSDs for Consumer, Power User and Enterprise

  • KC2000 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD:Using the latest controller and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND, it offers superior read/write speeds, improving the workflow in desktop, workstations and high-performance computing systems. It also supports end-to-end data protection to ensure the data’s safety.
  • Data Center 500 Series Enterprise SSDs:DC500R is optimized for read-intensive applications while DC500M is optimized for mixed-use workloads. Both SSDs implement strict Quality of Service (QoS) requirements to ensure predictable I/O performance and low latencies.
  • A2000 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD:The upcoming SSD features the 4 Channel Gen 3×4 controller and 3D TLC NAND. With build in NVMe driver, it could support various system from Windows to Linux, offering lower power and heat.

A Reliable Business Partner: Kingston IPC Solutions

Meanwhile, Kingston continues to offer rock-solid reliability and maximum performance for SI and IPC system builders. Kingston’s 100% tested products come with full BOM control and Product Change Notification (PCN), meet the strict quality standards and deliver outstanding service to our OEM and industrial clients.

Kingston can be found on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KingstonTechnologyIndia

And YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KingstonAPAC

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Review: Kingston Nucleum 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

If you recently bought a Macbook or a Macbook Pro, chances are you will be struggling with the lack of ports. For instance, the new Macbook only has two USB Type-C ports on it. I mean, what’s up with that? What’s a guy to do with just two Type-C ports? Fortunately, Kingston may have a solution for that, the Kingston Nucleum 7-in-1 USB hub. And today, we’re going to find out how good it is.

The Nucleum seems like a device made with exactly this problem in mind, thanks to its plethora of ports. It’s small and light enough that you can easily carry it in your bag, maybe even your pocket (if you have big enough pockets, that is). It comes with a simplistic, classy aluminium finish with a minimal Nucleum logo. It connects to your laptop via a convenient USB Type-C cable and from there, you can pretty much plug in whatever device you feel like.

The port options more on the generous side, with a total of 7 ports to take care of all your needs. There are two USB Type-A ports, two USB Type-C ports, one MicroSD slot, one SD slot and one full size HDMI port. One of the Type-C ports is a power delivery port, so you can plug in your charger to make sure your Macbook doesn’t run out of juice. It can deliver up to 60W of power, which makes it more than sufficient to charge the Macbook or the 13-inch Macbook Pro. The USB ports support passthrough charging, so you can easily plug your phones in the hub to charge them. The full HDMI port supports upto 4K video passthrough. However, it’s not HDMI 2 so you won’t be able to do 4K at 60 Hz, but 1080p is not a problem at all.

The Nucleum is bound to make your life much easier as a one stop solution to all your port needs. You can use all 7 ports at the same time without any issues, and it doesn’t require any external power source to run. With Apple and other Ultrabook manufacturers leaning towards less and less ports in their devices, the Nucleum becomes an essential accessory to have.

Moreover, the compact size and lightness makes it an ideal companion for photographers and creators who travel a lot and need to have highly portable devices. It can easily fit in a small bag, and you can use it at your desk without cluttering up your table. However, one thing that could’ve made it more appealing is more USB Type-A ports for when you need to use more than two devices at once. While two ports shouldn’t cause a problem, four, or at least three would be extremely handy for when you need to plug in something like a cooling dock. Another thing I would’ve liked to see is Thunderbolt 3 support, but one step at a time.

If you’ve been apprehensive about buying that shiny new Macbook or an Ultrabook because you think you’re going to need more ports, the Nucleum’s got you covered. It’s an easy product to recommended thanks to its compact design, good looks and available port options. In a world without conventional ports, the utility of USB Hub devices like the Nucleum cannot be overstated.

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Kingston Joins InDeed For Earth Edition Awareness Campaign On World Earth Day

Kingston®, a world leader in memory storage products and technology solutions, has joined hands with InDeed to create a unique social awareness campaign called #EarthEditionDrives. This campaign imagines Earth as a USB Flash Drive, where Kingston aims to subtly draw attention towards the condition of our planet.

The campaign revolves around Kingston’s 64GB Limited Earth Edition USB Drive, which represents Earth. Select members from the industry were given a chance to try these USBs to experience it. The question most of them had was: What happens when you plug in Earth?

Immediately the user’s attention would go to the default flash drive icon that has been replaced with the icon of Earth that is filling up with junk. The drive’s title reconfirms this with ‘Clean Up Before Time’s Up’ – a not so subtle warning about how little time we have.

Driving home the point that we are running out of space – a disturbing parallel with real life – the new USB drive is completely full – All 64 GB of it. Opening the drive shows rows upon rows of junk. Except that this version of junk files tell a harsh story of different types of pollution and the garbage it generates.

Mr. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India says, “We are happy to have partnered with Posterscope for this social initiative on World Earth Day. With this high-octane awareness campaign revolving around our 64GB USB drive, we aim to educate our audiences about the ill effects of neglecting Earth, and to motivate them to take appropriate actions. It’s not just about the shock factor; the true purpose of our Earth Edition drive is to educate and encourage everyone to do their bit; one way is by joining hands with NGOs through a microsite link in the junk videos.”

Mr. Haresh Nayak, Group MD, Posterscope – whose CSR arm Indeed is behind the project – adds, “You have no other choice. Earth Edition forces you to ‘clean up’ this ‘Earth’ in order to use it, subtly telling you to do the same in real life. This is the kind of campaign that really forces you to think about the planet. Everything, right from the messaging on the package, contents and the USB flash drive is crafted in a way that will make you take a good look in the mirror and consider your actions carefully.”

Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney adds, “World Earth Day is our big chance to put the spotlight back on our planet. With some modding we have turned the humble Flash Drive into a mouthpiece for saving the planet that warns you at every step. In fact, even transferring a file results in a modified windows prompt that says There’s not enough space left on Earth. Clean Up Before Time’s Up which sums up not just the campaign but the very need to do this.”

By making use of technology in their #EarthEditionDrives campaign, Kingston Technology & InDeed are giving a reality check and making a strong point which every person should consciously remember and act upon. Fittingly, the campaign is called “Earth Edition” as it doesn’t get more ‘limited edition’ than our planet.

So, think about it carefully next time you pollute, is the message Kingston hopes to drive with the campaign.

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HyperX: A Classic Collaboration For April Fool’s Day

Over the last few days, gamers saw all sorts of crazy stories about HyperX launching the new HyperX Cup MIX-IN headset. It was indeed a cool brand collaboration with Nissin, a maker of cup noodles. As a prank on our followers for April Fool’s Day, we announced this new ground breaking headset, with NoodletteTM  Earcups to eliminate the slurping noise and MicrophorkTM microphone to speak clearly.

The success of this brand collaboration was evident from the magnitude of engagements we initiated in our target audience. The result of this fun-prank was amazing and we received over 700 collective queries for this non-existing HyperX Cup Mix-in headset. Not just that, with our HyperX India Facebook page, we reached to more than 10K people and gathered good engagement.

Funnily enough, the headset had been listed as “Sold out” on the website ever since the announcement, which already led to speculation about the product being an April Fool’s joke. Well, that and the obvious announcement date being 1st April, where brands are known to announce some really crazy ideas. But hey, at least you know now.

You can find out more about the MIX-IN headset on the official website.

HyperX/Nissin Dual-Chamber Drivers
HyperX’s groundbreaking technology taken to ever-greater depths with the largest noodle chambers on the market, for even more distinction, less distortion, and slurpface satisfaction.

Award-Winning, Soothing Comfort
The MIX-IN features large, premium memory foam ear pads, an expanded headband, and patent-pending Noodlette™, which delivers the silky soft caress of ramen noodles to keep you gaming comfortably during those marathon gaming sessions.

Detachable Noise Cancellation Microphork™
This microphone and fork hybrid is certified by the Elite Electronic Epicureans and Discord to cancel out all slurping-based reverberations while still delivering crystal-clear communications.

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HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro Mouse Review

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is a sleek, simple gaming mouse coming in at Rs Rs4,500. So is this mouse for you? Let’s find out.

Tech Specs and Features

Ergonomic: Ergonomic
Sensor: Pixart PMW3389
Resolution: Up to 16,000 DPI
DPI presets: 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI
Speed: 450ips
Acceleration: 50g
Buttons: 6
Left / Right buttons switches: Omron
Left / Right button durability: 20 million clicks
Backlight: RGB (16,777,216 colors)
Light effects: 1 RGB lighting zone and 4 brightness levels1
On board memory: 3 profiles
Connection type: USB 2.0
Polling rate: 1000Hz
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
Dynamic coefficient of friction: 0.13µ2
Static coefficient of friction: 0.20µ2
Cable type: Braided
Weight (without cable): 95g
Weight (with cable): 130g
Dimensions: Length: 127.60mm

Height: 41.90mm

Width: 71.10mm

Cable length: 1.8m

The mouse uses a really good 3389 sensor that is accurate. It’s not the lightest mouse out there with a lot of weight being brought in by the cable. It has Omron switches for the main Left Click and Right Click which are going to last you a long time and has a total of 6 buttons which is always great. It also comes with RGB for you RGB enthusiasts out there.

Design and Comfort

This mouse is fundamentally an upgraded version of the HyperX Pulsfire FPS with an upgraded sensor among other things. It has decent rubber grips at the side which I’ll get into a bit later, a good braided cable that comes in with a weight penalty.

As compared to my Razer DeathAdder Elite the HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO has a slight latency of about 6-7ms. I mostly play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so I tested the mouse’s performance on that game. The buttons were placed decently and never felt uncomfortable since I use the side buttons a lot as they’re bound to various grenades.

However, the problem I had was with the grip. While the grips as stated before are decent, I feel the shape didn’t help much with the grip. I felt it kept slipping out of my hand and had to use way more force than usual to just hold the mouse properly which led to a bit of finger fatigue after a couple of competitive matches.

This mouse isn’t suited or people with small hands because of the raised bump in the middle and the shape at the side as there’s no upper counter curve to help with grip.

There’s RGB lighting on the sides of the scroll wheel and the HyperX logo on the back of the mouse. It looks good with the simple black finish with the RGB that isn’t too gaudy or too simple.


The mouse is pretty good for its price point and offers a lot of good stuff. If you have small hands or grip the mouse with a loose palm or fingertip grip then you might have issues. The shape is something that is based on preference and if it looks similar to a mouse that you’re already comfortable with, you shouldn’t have a problem at all.

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