Xbox’s Next-Gen Consoles May Be Cheaper Than PS5

It seems like microsoft is adamant on making their own consoles available for cheaper than both the PS5 editions. Based on insider information and leaks on both sides, it seems Xbox next-gen consoles will be cheaper despite having better specs.

Microsoft plans to low-ball Sony

According to an industry insider ‘Dusk Golem’ it seems “Microsoft is ready to low-ball Sony when it comes to price.” They added that, “Microsoft can more easily make a sacrifice and get back profits from Game Pass than console sales than Sony can from that comparatively.” It should be noted that in the past Dusk Golem’s leaks has been consistent regarding the Resident Evil franchise and a currently unconfirmed Sony Silent Hill game.

This information is completely aligned with Microsoft’s current policy of getting as many users into the Xbox ecosystem. Although this can be a risky move it can prove effective in these times when people are still suffering from the effects of an economic slowdown due to the corona pandemic.

Xbox Series S leaked

Another leak has also confirmed the existence of Xbox’s Project Lockheart aka Xbox Series S (this generation’s console wars worst kept secret). The leak was confirmed when images of the controller for the new console started making it rounds on Twitter.

The Series S console is supposedly a lower powered and affordable version of Series X meant to compete with the disk-less version of PS5. Though the console may not be able to run games in 4K but is supposed to have all the other upgrades and next-gen features same as Series X.

PS5 prices leaked

It was also previously reported that a major french retailer had accidentally leaked the prices for PS5 and its accompanying accessories. Although, this information should be taken with a grain of salt as the prices mentioned can be just placeholders put up by employees for a rough estimate.

Source- Carrefour

But it is still quite interesting that the standard version of PS5 is priced at €499 while the PS5 Digital Edition costs €399. If Playstation 4’s launch price structure is taken into account, the same price as the EU can be applicable in the US. Then the PS5 digital edition could cost $399 at launch, and the regular model would have an initial price of $499..


These prices can certainly be game changing especially when considering the price comparison between Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition. If Xbox manages to low-ball the price of Xbox Series S lower than PS5 Digital Edition, it would lower the entry point for next-gen consoles considerably. That can only be a relief to gamers all around the world as they may not have to break their wallet to afford a new console.

Players may not have to wait that long for more news as according to Bloomberg a Playstation official who remained anonymous, as the plan isn’t public – explained that Sony “tentatively” plans to make its next announcement in August. Based on Sony’s recent statement saying preorders for the console won’t come as a surprise, this announcement is highly likely to be about the console’s price and release date.

Xbox too is likely to have a showcase this August to officially reveal Xbox Series S. Hopefully they may take this chance to also reveal the console’s price and release date.

God of War Director Hints About Sequel And PS5 Features

The news came about when Cory Barlog, Game Director of God of War was being interviewed by the writer of Star Wars: Rogue One on his Animal Crossing talk show. Barlog was sandwiched in the segment between appearances from Selena Gomez and The Last of Us 2 actors Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey.

Reading this some of you may think what an amazing crossover and we totally agree. During the interview, Barlog avoided questions as to what their team at Santa Monica Studios have been working on. Although he did share that their team has been playing around with the new possibilities of PS5’s super fast-loading SSD.

He further said, “For me, the SSD is amazing. I’m impatient and I don’t like any kind of load times. So we’ve gone through great lengths in this series all the way back to the PS2 – of trying to hide any kind of loading. So you never really feel like you’re having that artificial layer of the game break you out of it. We let the menus do that, and the upgrading and stuff. There’s some really cool stuff I think we’re gonna be able to do.”

It is to be noted that the latest installment in the God of War franchise was famous for its use of no cut camera, which means no loading screens and seamless gameplay. With the new hardware that the PS5 brings to the series the next game will not only be a visual eye candy but also have some of the most amazing uninterrupted combat and storytelling.

Previously it was also reported by multiple sources that Sony may have a major announcement to make this August, possibly the PS5 release window and price. Hopefully, If we are lucky we may even get a reveal for the next God of War.

PS5 Tech Specs Leaked (Rumour)

Fans are eagerly waiting for next gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft, and with good reason. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are touted to be the most powerful consoles yet, and if the leaked specs are to be believed, they might as well just be.

As reported by Eurogamer, the PS5 will pack in a 9.2 teraflop GPU, which is a huge jump from the current-gen PS4, with its theoretical max GPU power of 1.84 teraflops. It will also be moving to GDDR6 memory, much like the latest NVIDIA Turing and AMD Navi graphics cards.

We know that the PS5 will have custom Navi GPUs, and the Digital Foundry report lists the specs as the following: 36 Navi compute units running at 2000 MHz. Compare that to the PS4 PRO, which has 36 GCN compute units running at 911 MHz.

Now, it was revealed earlier that the PS5 will feature backwards compatibility, and we may now have an idea about how it will do so. The report says that the GPU will have three modes, which will help it play backwards compatible titles from the PS4 and PS4 Pro. There’s a ‘gen 2’ mode which will be responsible for handling all the next-gen games, while ‘gen 1’ and ‘gen 0’ modes will take care of the backwards compatible titles.

While there aren’t any specific details about the Xbox Series X Specs, the report does talk about the possibility of 12 teraflops of GPU power. For the PS5, here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 spec outlined in the leak points toward a device with more of a balance between price and performance,” DF’s Richard Leadbetter writes. “Assuming we’re looking at a not implausible 16GB of GDDR6 and a 1TB SSD, this is still an expensive-looking device – but stacked up against the monstrous Series X, it obviously stands more of a chance of hitting the magic $399 launch price-point.”

Do keep in mind that none of the above information has been confirmed officially by Sony, so it’s always better to take news like this with a grain of salt. The PS5 is set to launch Holiday season 2020. Let us know your thoughts about the leaked specs in the comments and stay tuned for more updates!

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PlayStation 5 Set to Release in Holiday 2020

After a lot of speculation and rumours, the PlayStation 5 has been officially and is set to release during the Holiday 2020 season.

That’s not all though, they’ve released a lot of information about the new controller that’s going to coming with the new console and about an exclusive or two for the PlayStation 5.

Let’s start off with the Dualshock 5. This time around, they’re switching things up with the internal motor as instead of using rumble technology, they’ll be using haptic feedback to give the players a more immersive feel when it comes to playing the games and the different types of vibrations that this will allow.

Besides this, they’ve also spoken about how the L2 and R2 triggers will be adaptive. This means that developers will be able to program the resistance felt when pressing the triggers to emulate the feel of drawing a bow and such. They’re going for much more immersive experience with the controllers and already have internally tested it and are quite pleased with it.

The controller will also have a bigger battery than the Dualshock 4 which means it will be heavy but not heavier than an Xbox One controller with Batteries. The controllers are also going to have better speakers but there’s no word about a headphone jack as of this moment.

Besides the controller, they’ve talked about a big exclusive that’s currently in development. They haven’t given out a lot of information about it but all we know is that Bluepoint Games, the team behind the Shadow of the Colossus remaster is working on it. Most bets are on it Demon Souls but another popular theory is that it’s going to be a remake of Metal Gear Solid 1.

Now that we have the official name of the Console and the release time frame, we’re excited to see more about Sony’s next-gen console and how they’ll take on the current market that’s slowly moving towards game-streaming.

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Sony Wants To Make Loading Screens A Thing Of The Past With The PS5

In the Wired interview with Mark Cerny, he talked about the Playstation 5, and what Sony wants to do with their upcoming console, one of the key points was – loading screens. Long load times has been a serious issue for the PS4, especially with games like Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

The demo give to Wired with the PS5 devkit included a load test with Sony’s PS4 exclusive Spider-man. An average load time of 15 seconds was brought down to 0.8 seconds with help of an SSD streamlined to handle load times.

And then Official Playstation Magazine snagged a quote from s Sony spokesperson who said this: “An ultra-high-speed SSD is the key to our next generation. Our vision is to make loading screens a thing of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences.”

This is great news for gamers, since games are only getting bigger and prettier in size, and load times that come along with it severely hamper the overall experience. We are hoping to hear more about the PS5 soon, and eager to see what next games look like on the console.

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Sony Says The PS5 Will Not Launch Before 2020

The next-generation PlayStation recently detailed by Sony Interactive Entertainment will not launch within the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2020, the company stated during its financial results meeting today.

Sony plans to invest much of 31.1 billion yen to develop the next-generation PlayStation.

Sony also revealed that PlayStation Now has had an average 40 percent annual growth since launch, and is now at 700,000 subscribers.

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PlayStation 5 Will Support 8K Graphics and Ray Tracing

Fans have known that Sony’s been working on the next-gen console, i.e. the PS5 for a while. There have been a lot of speculations regarding the specs and release date and finally, Sony may have just put them all to rest, once and for all.

During an interview with Wired, PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny revealed the specs for the next-gen console. Unlike the PS4 Pro, which was like a buffed up version of the PS4 itself, the PS5 will be powered by AMD’s upcoming 7nm chips. It will run on an eight-core, third gen Ryzen CPU (based on the Zen 2 architecture) and the much anticipated Navi GPU. What that means, according to Cerny, is that the PS5 will support 8K graphics (provided you have an 8K TV) and ray tracing. We’ve already seen ray tracing in action on AMD cards during the Crytek demo, and it does look promising.

But that’s not all. Sony’s upgrading the PS5 storage to an SSD, optimized to reduce loading times and gameplay. To put that in perspective, Wired talks about a demo where fast travelling in Marvel’s Spider-Man took only 0.8 seconds on the PS5 dev kit, compared to the 15 seconds on the PS4.

Another huge change coming to the PlayStation console is something fans have been waiting for a long time: Backwards compatibility. According to Cerny, the PS4 and the PS5 share similar architecture, making it easier for them to support older PS4 titles. Additionally, the upcoming console will support physical media as well, most likely discs. Whether backwards compatibility can be achieved on the discs is something we still need to find out.

All these features, considering they make it to the final product, make the PlayStation 5 sound like a great console. Unfortunately, we still need to wait for a while before we get to see it, as Cerny confirmed that the PlayStation won’t be releasing this year. On a hopeful note, developers have access to the dev kits and are working on games for the PS5, so it’s possible we may get to see a 2020 launch.

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Source: Wired

Sony PS5 Powered By AMD 7nm Chip, May Offer 14 TFLOPS Performance (Rumour/Leak)

Rumors and speculations are abound about Sony’s next console, the Playstation 5. However, very little is actually know about it. Speculated release window ranges between 2020 and 2021. What the console will comprise of is still up in the air, though teraflops have been thrown around the last few days.

The latest performance leaks come from a someone who claims to be a third-party developer on Pastebin. And it claims a staggering 14 TFLOPS of performance, which is three times higher than the current gen PS4 Pro’s 4.2 TFLOPS. This will be achieved using AMD’s 7nm Zen 2 based CPU with 8 cores/16 threads, and a custom Navi GPU. It will have 24GB of GDDR6 graphics memory and 4GB DDR4 RAM. These are some might claims for sure, but like any leak/rumour, it’s best to take information like this with pinch of salt.

The post also says the PS5 will have a hybrid 2TB SSHD drive, and will upscale to 8K. Considering the fact that consoles still have to go a long way when it comes to 4K, 8K seems a little far-fetched. The rumoured price is around $499.

One of the interesting things mentioned in the post is that PS Plus subscribers will get access to a 4K remaster of PUBG (but why?). It also mentions the exclusives we can expect going forward, including Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2. Where it gets a little sketchy is that the post mentions that GTA VI will release in 2020, and will be timed exclusive on the PS5. As much as fans of Sony and PlayStation may want that to be true, it’s hard to believe that Rockstar would limit their bestselling franchise to a single platform, even if it is for a limited amount of time.

As far as concrete details about the console are concerned, sadly, there’s no news of any sort on that end. But hey, it’s still fun to speculate, right?

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PS5 and Next Xbox Looking To Beat Google Stadia, Will Release in 2020 (Rumour)

We don’t know a lot about the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, apart from the fact that they’ve been under works for a while. There’s a lot of speculation going on about the release dates, but the general consensus seems to be that we’ll get to see some news about the new devices towards the end of this year, and a launch sometime in 2020.

As posted by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier on ResetEra, it seems like very few people in the industry have any actual knowledge about these consoles. Interestingly enough, he also says that both Microsoft and Sony are looking to beat the 10.7 TFLOPs performance touted by Google Stadia at the announcement event. Here’s his post from the thread:

“Look, as I’ve been saying since roughly March 2018 (in this very thread), next-gen is coming in 2020. That Semiaccurate article saying 2018 (lol) got people’s hopes up for 2019, but by now I hope it’s clear that the PS5 ain’t coming out this fall.
And, despite all the rumors about devkits being out (usually from rumormongers who are wrong more often than not), the number of people briefed on next-gen is still very limited. Even within companies like, say, DICE, there’ll be a small team of engineers who now have a rough idea of specs, and everyone else will know when they need to know. Not a lot of devs are disclosed on next-gen right now.
In other words, don’t expect much in the way of substantial leakage just yet. The only thing to know for sure is that both Sony and Microsoft are aiming higher than that “10.7 teraflops” number that Google threw out last week. (And, as has been reported, Microsoft’s got a few things in the works.)”

This goes in tandem with our discussion on Google Stadia where we talk about how Google is competing with current-gen consoles when it says it is more powerful than both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X combined. Things are sure to get interesting in the gaming spectrum going forward as we see dedicated gaming hardware platforms compete with aggressive digital services like Stadia and XCloud. Do you think Google Stadia will be able to compete with next-gen consoles? Let us know in the comments!

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Leak: GTA VI might be a PS5 Exclusive

There is a rather shocking leak on the net and that is, GTA VI would be exclusive to Sony’s PS5. The leak claims that Sony might be in talks to purchase Rockstar Game’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

The move seems unlikely, given the size of the company. But in case such a purchase takes place, it would be a tremendous money minting move. GTA V has been an exceptionally popular game with overwhelmingly positive reviews.
With rumours saying that the new Grand Theft Auto title would be based in Vice City and that there might a female lead in a GTA game for the first time, fans are already going crazy.

But, sit back and relax as GTA VI would probably not come anytime sooner than 2022. By that time, the next generation console would be out in the market too, so rumours seems to make ‘some’ sense. What do you think about this rumour? Let us know below.