Rainbow Six Siege is Getting a Battle Pass

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Battle Pass starting with the Year 4 Season 3 and it is titled “Call me Harry”.

Call me Harry is a mini-battle pass that will be free for all players. This battle pass will last for 7 days with the end reward of a chibi Harry charm. This mini-battle pass will launch with the Embers Rise update.

A proper Battle Pass will also come to the come to the game in Year 4 Season 4 with a free and a “premium” variant. While you can unlock items in the free variant the premium variant will probably have exclusive items. The battle pass will also use Dr.  Harishva “Harry” Pandey as the narrator who will shed more light into the world of Rainbow 6 and its operators through comic books and other media.

This announcement has left a bad taste in the mouth of most of the Rainbow 6 community. There’s a lot of bugs that haven’t been fixed yet and on top of already paying for the game and different operators, they’re now also adding a paid battle pass to the game. The game now feels choke-full of microtransactions.

In free games like Fortnite, it is understandable and in PUBG, it’s also somewhat understandable as every season brings in a new Season Pass but the only thing you pay for in that are skins, that too if you want to.  In R6, you pay for the game and then if you don’t want to grind a bunch, you also have to pay for operators. And then you have microtransactions for Skins like in most games along with a Battle Pass now which has really ticked off most people.

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