Fortnite World Cup Winner Gets SWAT Called on Him

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf the 16-year-old who won the Solo Fortnite World Cup along with $3 Million recently, had his place of residence hit by a SWAT team while he was live-streaming.


Bugha was in the middle of a Fornite Livestream when he was swatted. You can hear him ask his father “I got swatted?” after which he left the stream and upon returning told his friends about what had just transpired. They entered his home with guns pointed and ready but thankfully, one of the officers was from the neighbourhood and recognized him.

This is not something new and has happened to various live streamers in the past. Swatting is the act of calling the SWAT on someone under false pretenses and is done to “prank” a person. Various well-known streamers and YouTubers have been swatted in the past and once it ended in tragedy as Andrew Finch was killed during one such attempt after a man decided to Swat someone but gave them the wrong address.

Swatting is a really cowardly thing to do and is not funny and we hope that people realize that sooner or later because things can get out of hand really quickly. We hope that whoever did call in the Swat also gets found and punished.

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