The Nintendo Switch Gets a Hardware Update, Better Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch is getting an under the hood upgrade that helps it get better battery life for the same price and it’s coming very soon.

The updated Nintendo Switch features the new Mariko SoC which is also present in the Nintendo Switch Lite. This upgrade helps vastly improve battery life over the older version.

As reported by Nintendo themselves, the upgraded Switch has a battery life 4.5-9 hours as compared to the older 2.5-6.5 hours. For Breath of the Wild, on the old model, it would last for about 3 hours while the new model will last for a whopping 5.5 hours. This is almost as much as the normal battery life of the older model.

While this isn’t the “Pro” model that’s been rumoured for a while now, it’s still a great upgrade to the Switch that too with no changes to the price. This new  HAC-0019(-01) model will hit the shelves in August.

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