Telltale Should Finish The Walking Dead & Treat Employees Right, Says God of War Director

Telltale Games shutting down their operations and laying off employees has already had a lot of backlash with a former employee suing the company in hopes of getting a severance package for all those who were laid off and many people seem to be in support of this.

One such person in support of this is Cory Barlog, the director of God of War and an industry veteran who took to Twitter to have his say on the matter.

This tweet was in response to Telltale Games’ tweet which stated that multiple potential partners had stepped forward to help complete the Final Season of The Walking Dead. Cory felt that while it is good that they don’t want to leave their consumers hanging, they should also be respectfully towards the ex-employees, most of which who worked hard on many of Telltale’s games.

Lawyer Richard Hoeg who helped various games journalist outlets out by explaining to them the different ways the class-action lawsuit could be handled and the various labour laws replied to Corey asking him whether or not he knew if there was any severance package in the employee agreement.

As seen from Corey’s reply, all the man wants is for them to be treated with respect and dignity since they worked tirelessly to create the games and put their heart and soul into the work. Seeing members of the industry step forward to stand up for the ex-Telltale employees and to help them out is good to see and goes to show that while there is a lot of competition and scummy things happening, there are also people who genuinely care about their craft and want others to excel at it too.

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