When Call of Duty: Mobile released in October 2019 no one knew that it would go on to become the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Upon release, Call of Duty: Mobile had dived headfirst in a market dominated by the likes of PUBG and Garena’s Free Fire.

The game surpassed all expectations by becoming one of the biggest mobile game launches in history with over 250 Million downloads by June 2020. Bringing an almost console-esque experience in the hands of millions of people, COD Mobile is one of the hottest games right now.

With its battle royale and team deathmatch multiplayer modes coupled with fluid movement and shooting mechanics, it takes time to improve at Call of Duty: Mobile but using the tips listed below, you’ll be owning noobs in no time.

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  1. Optimize your in-game settings: If you own a phone which supports Ultra HD graphics but does so at a lower FPS, you should always lower the quality in order to get better frame rendering and higher framerates. A high framerate results in more responsiveness from your device which results in an in-game advantage over players who use higher graphics settings. Try out different control methods, especially the Advanced Mode which enables one to completely customize the HUD(Heads-up display), how to hold your weapon, and adjust the crosshair.
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  1. Select your character class correctly: COD Mobile has multiple classes for you to choose from in the Battle Royale mode. These classes are:-

Clown- This class mobilizes zombies that will attack all enemies near you, all the while reducing your vulnerability to them. Useful in late-game scenarios when you may need to detect campers. Abilities include Toy Bomb and Anti-zombie.

Ninja- As the name suggests, this class provides equips you with two advantages: stealth and mobility using the Dead Silence and Grapple Gun abilities respectively.

Defender- Useful when you’re in an open area, Defender has the ability to place a Transform Shield in front of you for cover. The Reinforced ability reduces the damage you take from everything except bullets.

Mechanic- The Mechanic class can call in an EMP Drone that causes interference to hostels around you. The Engineer ability provides augmented sight for vehicles, traps, and equipment.

Smoke Bomber- This is the newest class in COD Mobile and it summons a cloud of smoke on the user targeted area. This slows down the enemies while revealing their location.

Medic- One of the most useful classes in the game, Medic has the ability to put up a medical station that heals the entire team. The healing time is also reduced.

Scout- The sensor dart ability in the Scout class helps reveal enemy positions on the radar. The passive ability is that this class can see fresh enemy footprints.

Trap Master- This class is one of the most versatile classes in-game, you can set up high voltage wire traps that reduce enemy health significantly. The class also increases the skill recharge and movement speed of nearby allies.

Airborne- Airborne class has the ability to catapult your entire team into the air using a device aptly name, ‘Ejection Device’. It’s great for escaping or reaching an Airdrop first. The passive ability which increases your buoyancy helps you glide further.

Poltergeist- Similar to Apex Legends’ Wraith, this class has the ability to become near-invisible in order to escape enemies stealthily. Your movement speed is also increased while being in the stealth state. 

Trickster- One of the best classes in the game, Trickster can create holographic imposters of itself, thereby confusing enemies. It also helps detect enemy locations due to increased hearing prowess.

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  1. Communication is key: It is always recommended that if you want to improve, you should play with a pre-made squad. Learn the call-outs, walk your teammates through tactics, try out different playstyles with your teammates, and see which one suits you best.
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  1. Work on your movement: All good players in the FPS genre have one thing in common and that is impeccable movement. Good aim can only get you so far but knowing how to peek corners when to crouch when to go prone and how to use cover effectively makes or breaks a player. Learn how to pre-fire those corners, predicting the location of the enemy and pre-firing is the easiest way to get a guaranteed kill. Learn how to crouch slide in order to get behind cover effectively and without taking damage.
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  1. Use your throwables effectively: COD Moblie has multiple throwables available for use. Learning how to use them effectively can give you the upper hand in every situation. Timing your flashbangs correctly can get you an easy squad-wipe by killing the disoriented enemies. Smoke grenades can help you prevent enemies get extra information about your position.
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  1. Make use of your Scorestreaks: When you manage to get a kill chain, your character will be awarded with various kill streaks such as UAV, Drone and a Predator Missile. These kill streaks will help you turn the battle around to your advantage and can be customized according to your needs. 
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  1. Pay attention to your ammo: It’s very common for people to find themselves running of ammo, especially when you’re running and gunning(and actually getting the kills). In order to keep your ammo in check learn how to spray and burst fire effectively. Using single shots when necessary helps conserve ammo. Diversifying your weapon choices can help you adjust to the type of ammo that is available in the vicinity.
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  1. Try to avoid first contact while playing BR: When you are learning the game, you should try and drop at zones with fewer enemy squads as this helps you loot more effectively. You can build up your arsenal and then take on enemies to give you a higher chance of securing kills.
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  1. Chase Airdrops: You should try to chase airdrops but not only to loot but also to kill other enemies who may be coming towards the airdrop. Be careful, this can backfire too if another team is waiting for you there so be vigilant of your surroundings.
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  1. Keep moving: Although arguably it’s not always a good idea to be constantly on the move while playing the BR, you should be careful not to wait too long in one area because as the zone shrinks you may have to move and other teams may be waiting to take you out at the edge of the zone. Also, We hate campers.

TL:DR- Git gud and happy gaming!

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