The Club in COD Mobile: All you need to know

With Season 11 underway and the Halloween get-up clearly visible in COD Mobile, there’s plenty of new content and weapons. Activision has also promised that there will be more new content as the season progresses. 

One of the best features that have been introduced is The Club. It provides a relaxing environment for players to just chat and relax before the intense Call of Duty action begins. 

All you need to know about The Club is listed below:-

Entering the Club – On the home screen of COD Mobile, there’s an icon on the entrance of the Bunker in the background. Just tap on it and you will enter the club. 

NPCs – Once you’re in the club there are a variety of classic characters from previous entries in the franchise. You can interact with them to receive some interesting missions or just discuss some COD lore. The NPCs include Adler, Ghost and T.E.D.D. 

Minigames – The Club is well…. a club, so it would be incomplete with the absence of some arcade minigames as well as Darts. There’s also a game called Kaboom in which has to catch dynamite that is falling to the ground by sliding around empty containers. 

Anniversary Machine – The points earned via playing COD Mobile matches or minigames in the Club can be spent on the Anniversary Machine for a spin. Each spin costs 10 points and also gives a few anniversary points in return along with the chance to earn some epic cosmetic items. 

Other activities in the club just enjoying and chilling with other people as well as watch some television while sitting at the bar. 

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