The Evolution of Kratos

The God of War has been in the limelight lately due to the release of God of War which is a sequel as well as a soft reboot. Kratos wasn’t always this bearded man with scars all over his body. When his journey began, he was a Spartan soldier with flesh that was similar to the colour of his fellow Spartans, however soon his skin would turn to the colour of ash which would lead to him being nicknamed “The Ghost of Sparta”. So, let’s have a quick look at how he’s evolved over the years.

The Evolution of @God of War's Kratos in a minute!

The Evolution of @God of War's Kratos in a minute!

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Kratos has evolved from being a blocky 3D model to a lifelike person over the years with the recent God of War having an extremely realistic looking Kratos which can be attributed to the Motion Capture that was used on his voice actor. He went from having a goatee to a full-on badass beard to accompany all the scars he’s gathered over the years of fighting and killing Gods. Through the years though, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about Kratos and that is his intense glare that could stop even the strongest and fiercest of creatures dead in their tracks. We can’t wait to see how his character physically evolves in the sequel with maybe more Nordic touches to his character.

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