There might be a 3 GB variant of GTX 1660 Ti

The rumors regarding the company’s first non-Turing card have spread across the net like a wildfire. However, while we still wait for Nvidia to confirm it’s existence, another rumour regarding the card has surfaced.

This time the rumors is about the amount of memory that card will carry. When last generation’s GTX 1060 was launched, Nvidia released a cut down 3 GB version within a month. The 3 GB variant was more affordable but pushed 1080p gaming to the edge.

According to a listing by European Economic Commission indicates that a 3 GB GTX 1660 Ti might be on its way.

It seems quite strange that Nvidia is even considering a 3 GB GTX 1660 Ti variant given that games are rapidly increasing their VRAM requirement and consumption.

Let’s wait for some official news before we start to judge Nvidia.

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