Top 5 Steam Games Under Rs 299

The Steam Summer Sale has been on for over a week and if you have spent most of your money on games then don’t worry because here’s a list of great games under Rs 299.

Mortal Kombat XL (Rs 254)

If you want a fighting game that’s not too difficult to get into and one that is extremely fun then look no further because Mortal Kombat XL is for you. This has all the DLC characters and if you sit down to play this with your friends, you won’t get bored. Thanks to all the brutal X-Rays and moves, it’s always exciting and fun to play.

Metro Redux Bundle (Rs 212)

If you’ve recently watched Chernobyl or want a good nuclear winter game then look no further. This bundle has the first two Metro titles, 2033 and Last Light. You play as a Russian guy who traverses around Moscow using the Moscow Metro while also fighting off monsters and creatures born because of the radiation. While the games can get a bit spooky and creepy, they’re still fantastic.

Black Mesa (Rs 211)

You’ve probably heard of Half-Life by now. In case you haven’t then you will now. Half-Life 1 is hailed as one of the best FPS shooters of its time and changed how people perceived FPS games. Half-Life 1’s famous mod Counter-Strike is what has led to the creation of the famous esports title CSGO. Sadly, Half-Life 1 is a bit dated and might turn you off if you want to play it for the first time. That’s where Black Mesa comes in. It’s essentially a remaster of Half-Life 1 with better visuals and audio while retaining the core gameplay and story. If you want to experience Half-Life or want to relive it, Black Mesa is a great way to do so.

Mad Max (Rs 247)

Taking inspiration from Mad Max Fury Road, this game is loads of fun. The combat is similar to the Arkham style of combat and is fluid. This is an open-world game and to traverse the big world around Max, you have your own car. This car is also used to fight off against other vehicles which is not just fun but has a certain oomph which makes it very satisfying. The game flew under a lot of people’s radars and now is a great time to get into it.

Sniper Elite 4 (Rs 235)

Play as the world’s best ball-busting Sniper in Sniper Elite 4. Take advantage of your range and snipe people’s heads and balls off to not just save the world from the Nazis but also for your own entertainment. Giggle away as you get a close-up of peoples heads, kidneys and balls getting destroyed thanks to the X-Ray system and your excellent aim.

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