Uncharted Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion

For years fans have talked about the similarity between Nathan Drake and Nathan Fillion and how Nathan Drake might be based off of Fillion’s character in Firefly. Fans were hoping that one day, Sony might make an Uncharted film and cast Fillion as Drake but that died down a little after it was announced that Tom Holland would be playing a younger Nathan Drake in what will be a prequel film to the trilogy of games. However, a short fan film was released which features Fillion as Drake and it’s caught everyone by surprise!

This 15-minute long film has Drake get kidnapped by a group of men in Mexico who work for a “powerful” person. Of course, the reason for his kidnapping is because he stole something that their boss had bought at an auction. The video does a great job of making use of the fact that it is a cinematic experience but also switches to a very video game-like third-person shooter camera angle with the black bars disappearing like it does when a cutscene ends in a game. It’s safe to say though, Fillion as Drake is pretty damn good and if you could have him voiced by Nolan North you have the recipe to create what could be a great video game movie.

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