Valorant: A Guide For Beginners

Riot’s first competitive shooter is finally out now and everyone and their mom is jumping onto it. If you have played any counter strike games then you will feel right at home however the abilities of each character change up the gameplay significantly. Many beginners are having a hard time scoring kills in this game. So here is a beginner’s guide for helping you improve your gameplay.

Learn The Maps

There are 4 maps in the game right now.  You will understand the overall layout of the map in a few rounds but the best layers know every corner of these maps. This means knowing shortcuts, hiding spots and map terminology. Counter Strike players might know this that knowing the names of parts of the map helps a lot in communicating to your teammates where the enemy is coming from.

Teamwork Makes The Game A Lot Easier

Since we are on the topic of communicating, your skills will be of no use if you don’t work together with your team. There are 5 players on each team. Coordinate with your teammates and select agents that will help your team. Using your abilities in tandem will easily overwhelm the enemy team.

Find The Right Agent For You

Every agent has different abilities and a specific purpose they fulfill in a team. Try out all the agents and find the ones that you are most comfortable with. However don’t become dependent on a single agent as sometimes someone else might select that agent. So be ready for these situations and have alternatives in mind.

Know Your Guns

This game doesn’t have a whole lot of guns. This means you can easily remember which guns are suitable for which situations. You need to change your gameplay style according to the gun you’re using. If you pick an smg and try to kill people at long ranges then you’ll be easily killed. Remember the uses of each. SMGs are good for close range situations, ARs are good for medium to long range encounters, Shotguns are great for breaching/flanking the enemy etc.

Practice And Play Effectively

In these matches, you’ll come across people who’ve been playing this game all day so they will definitely have more experience than you. You don’t need to pay all day though. You can play spike rush mode. These matches are only 6 rounds long and every round you’ll be given a random weapon which will help you get used to different weapons in the game.

Hopefully this guide will help you get better at Valorant. Stay tuned for more guides and updates on Valorant and other games. If you are interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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