Valve Reveals Index VR Headset, Starts Shipping From June

Valve seems to be doubling down on VR, revealing the Index VR headset on its Steam Store. The page doesn’t really give a lot of information about the features, but it does list a release date, 15th June.

The Steam page also spells out the required system specs, with a GTX 970 or an RX 480 as the minimum GPU requirement and a GTX 1070 as recommended. The supported inputs for the Index VR are mentioned as well, which include both DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0.

Interestingly, the page says that base stations are required and doesn’t list it as included, so it’s possible that you may need to purchase those separately. Additionally, the knuckle controllers are now being called the Valve Index Controllers and will be available with the device from 15th June. The announcement and pre-orders for the product are supposed to go live on 1st May.

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