Video Games To Get Cheaper In India From 2019

Good news comes with the new year as video games in India are going to get cheaper from 2019.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced that 6 items from the 28% GST tax bracket would be dropped down to the 18% GST tax bracket from 2019.

There were 34 items in the 28 percent tax bracket which included luxury and ‘sin goods’ till now but these have dropped down to 28 items now. Items that have been moved include Video Games, Video Games Consoles, Movie Tickets 32-inch TVs and Monitors.

This means that consoles and games themselves should be cheaper in 2019 and with regional pricing of games on platforms like Steam, this will make games even cheaper for Indian Consumers.

Now if only they would reduce the tax on PC components next, the Indian Gaming and Esports scene will become much more affordable for both newcomers and enthusiasts because the markup in the price we see on some of the products is sometimes almost double its price in the US.

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