What’s in XBOX future

Just recently XBOX had its July showcase which they promised would focus more on the software (games) rather than the hardware (new consoles). Previously, PlayStation also had a similar showcase where they knocked it out of the park by showcasing the graphical prowess of the PS5 and the sheer number of games coming to the new console but that wasn’t the case for XBOX.

During the showcase XBOX unveiled the gameplay footage of Halo: Infinite, their flagship title but fans were left rather disappointed due to its sub-par visuals. People were expecting to see the graphical prowess of the new console on full display but the demo was apparently being run on PC with XBOX Series X equivalent specs.

This all led to people taking to the internet, to post memes and criticism of the reveal leading many to be worried for the future of the console.

XBOX game pass

But there is a silver lining in all of this as XBOX also made sure to make it clear that its Game pass is still the ‘best deal’ in the entire gaming industry.

Previously, XBOX head executive Phil Spencer said that they are focusing more on adding to the XBOX eco system and that includes PC and consoles. This can be seen as more and more XBOX exclusive games are making their way to PC. Add in the future plans to include project Xcloud to XBOX Game pass, the subscription service becomes the best deal in the whole gaming industry. Getting day one access to 100+ games including Halo: Infinite which is good enough to be a launch title is too much of a good deal at such a low price.

XBOX is setting up a new standard here when it comes to serving the audience. Even though they don’t intend to make that much money by offering games from first party studios, this approach seems rather focused on getting more players invested in their XBOX eco system just like Netflix did with their audience.

This all comes in a time when companies around the world are more interested in shoving micro-transactions in games. Just recently, EA was running some tests to see that if they can run TV ads in games.

XBOX has much more to reveal as Phil Spencer has further teased that Microsoft may have backward compatibility details to share in August, which could point to another Xbox showcase.

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