Xbox All Access: Netflix Like Service That Gives You An Xbox One & Games

According to rumours floating around the internet and Windows Central, Microsoft may be gearing up to unveil a new subscription called “Xbox All Access”. This new subscription service aims to provide players with a way of experiencing the Xbox life in a way that doesn’t hit their bank account all at one go.

According to the information Microsoft plan to bring in more people by making their console and online services more affordable. This is where the “Xbox All Access” comes in as it will be the cheapest way to own an Xbox. Customers will have to pay about $22 per month over the course of two years for an Xbox One S, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. If they wish for an Xbox One X instead, they will have to pay around $35. All this is just rumoured info that could change but the main service will remain the same. Sadly, it seems to be US only for now which is why it wasn’t announced at Gamescom 2018.

The Xbox One S costs around $230, Xbox Live is $59.99 for a year and the Game Pass costs $9.99 a month. By giving Customers all of that for a price of what will be $22 per month, it is quite cheap and will help bring in a lot of new players and seems like a good market plan in the long run for consoles in general. After the contract period is up, the console will be completely theirs to do as they please with it.

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