Xbox Game Pass Adds 4 New Games This Week

Xbox Game Pass has been gaining more traction ever since they announced Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Ultimate Xbox Games Pass. Especially since the Master Chief Collection is coming to the Xbox Game Pass that too on the day it launches.

Recently, Xbox announced that they are adding four more new games to Xbox Game Pass, some of which are exclusive to the Xbox while some are for both. The new games that are being added are as follows:

  • Resident Evil: Revelations – 6/20 [XBOX]
  • Rare Replay – 6/20 [XBOX]
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera – 6/27 [PC]
  • Goat Simulator – 6/27 [XBOX and PC]

Rare Replay is an absolutely amazing collection to make its way to the Game Pass and we wish it would make its way to PC someday too. Besides that, Goat Simulator is now on Game Pass and we can’t recommend this game enough because of how silly, random and non-committal the game is. Just drop in, do random objectives and explore the world and leave when you feel like.

Xbox Game Pass has already added a bunch of new and great games like Metro Exodus which you can now play on the Xbox app instead of buying it on the Epic Games Store if you’re trying to avoid that storefront.

If you do have Game Pass though, there’s a lot of games to try out without worrying about buying them and refunding them if you don’t like them. Goat Simulator is one of them, a game that’s a hit or a miss for people but is chock full of content.

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