Xbox One Adding Keyboard Mouse Support In Upcoming Update

Thought Keyboard and Mouse were PC specific? Think again. Microsoft has recently announced that they will be adding keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One for select Xbox Insiders.

Xbox One Keyboard Mouse Support

This is huge! I hope more games adopt it.. Also, no more excuses for bad aim :PRead More Here –

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This support will be added in an update that will drop in the coming few weeks and will be a game-by-game thing. It will be up to the developers of the game should they choose to implement the functionality in their game and even if they do, it won’t be enabled by default.

Microsoft states that most wired and wireless USB keyboards and mice will work but go on to say that they’re teaming up with Razer to “Bring you the best possible mouse and keyboard experience for this new functionality”.

The first game to have this feature is Warframe which will add the keyboard and mouse support in the coming next month. More news regarding what games will support this feature will be in Microsoft’s Inside Xbox show in November.

While keyboard and mouse were usable on PS4’s, they were only for navigation and typing so this is another good step forward that I hope other consoles also implement which will further reduce the gap between PCs and consoles, allowing people to game they are most comfortable with.

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