Xbox Reveals Prices And Release Date For Series X And Series S In India

Microsoft has just revealed the prices and release dates for their next-gen consoles. The pre-orders for the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X will start on September 22 with the consoles set for release on November 10.

In India, the Series X is priced at ₹49,990 while the Series S is priced at ₹34,990. Comparatively, in the US the Xbox Series X is priced at $499 and Xbox Series S is $299. Looking at this there seems to be a considerable mark up when comparing both prices especially for the Xbox Series S.

When we take a look at the current conversion rate Xbox Series S costs just around ₹22,000 in the US but there seems to be a ₹13,000 mark up in India due to customs duty and other taxes. Xbox Series X on the other hand is available at quite a reasonable price with only ₹4,000 in taxes.

These prices also seem to align with previous rumors about next-gen consoles prices and release dates.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

In terms of specs, the major differences between the consoles lie in graphical performance and storage. The Series X promises a 4K gaming experience with 60 FPS that can go up to 120 FPS. The Series S on the other hand maintains the same performance and FPS but from the graphical quality to 1440p.

Storage seems to be another big difference between the two consoles with Series X offering a 1TB SSD storage whereas Series S offers a 512GB SSD storage which leaves much to be desired.


All in all, Microsoft has done a great job of offering these next-gen consoles at such different price points. If users want the best experience they can choose to go for Xbox Series X but if not the Xbox Series S provides a wonderful entry point for next-gen consoles given the price.

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