Yakuza 0 Gets Rid of Denuvo DRM In New Beta Update

Almost a half a year after its release, Yakuza 0 receives a Beta update which removes Denuvo DRM from the game.

This Beta update brings forth a lot of fixes and improvements to various parts of the game. Ultrawide Support has finally been fixed which was something that tons of users were requesting at launch.

What caught our eye though was the removal of Denuvo which shrunk the size of the exe from 200MB to about 20MB but this isn’t mentioned in the patch notes. Another thingthat isn’t mentioned in the patch notes but we noticed was significantly improved load times. We’re not sure if this is due to the removal of Denuvo but since it isn’t in the patch notes, it could be a side effect of the removal.

Another great fix in the update is the Lighting Fix. The lighting in certain scenes didn’t render shaders and shadows properly making the scene look darker and blander, especially the skin tone of characters. Particle effects have also been fixed with this.

Spoiler Free Lighting Comparison

Other than those changes, there’s also been a significant improvement to Mouse Support. When using the mouse to move the camera around now feels smoother, more accurate and overall less sluggish. While not absolutely perfect, it is a big improvement.

They’ve also added a FOV slider and a lot of other Quality-of-life improvements like improved Alt-Tabbing, target monitor selection if you have multiple monitors and other miscellaneous crash fixes.

While not the fastest on fixing the game and updating it, the fact that Sega is still listening to community feedback and releasing updates to fix their game 6 months after release is good to see. Not to mention they’ve removed Denuvo much to the delight of a lot of fans.

Yakuza Kiwami removing Denuvo DRM.

Yakuza Kiwami does not have Denuvo as of now but some think it is a tactic to get pre-orders in and that they will add Denuvo before the game launches. While not farfetched thought, Yakuza 0 did get cracked and now they’ve removed Denuvo from it so maybe Sega does not really trust it anymore.

We hope Sega also learns from the shortcomings of Yakuza 0 and release Kiwami with all these fixes already in place and don’t release the game with the same problems. But that’s just hoping until February 19th which is when Yakuza Kiwami releases on PC.

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