Yakuza: Like a Dragon details Sujimon Encyclopedia, sub-stories

Sujimon Encyclopedia

The Sujimon Professor is researching “Sujimon,” the name he gave to the dangerous men, or “sujimono,” of Isezaki Ijincho. By cooperating with the professor to collect data, he will give you items in return.

Meeting the Sujimon Professor

When walking about town, a degenerate suddenly attacks protagonist Ichiban Kasuga and company. After repelling the lowlife, a mysterious man with a scarred face who calls himself the Sujimon Professor approaches and invites Kasuga and company to his laboratory.

For the sake of peace in the city, the Sujimon Professor is collecting data to create an app called the “Sujimon Encyclopedia.” Sujimon is the name he has given to dangerous men in the city. Witnessing Kasuga and company’s strength, he requests their cooperation in collecting their data on. This was the start of Kasuga’s journey to become a “Sujimon Master”

Registering Data to the Sujimon Encyclopedia

The Sujimon Encyclopedia is a smartphone app developed by the Sujimon Professor, which he installs onto Kasuga’s phone. By fighting enemies, their data will automatically register to the app.

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