You Can Finally Play Steam Games On Linux, Compatibility Layer Beta Version Released

Gamers and Linux users all over the world have been aching for proper support by game studios so that they can play games on Linux but not a lot has really happened. Now, they have a reason to rejoice. Steam has been working on a way to get Windows titles working on Linux and it’s quite amazing.

Steam had introduced the Steam Play feature back in 2010 that allowed them to purchase the game once and not have to worry about which OS it was for if it supported different OS’. However, there haven’t been a lot of AAA titles on Linux and the huge catalogue of games that are on Steam are majorly only for Windows which meant that MacOS and Linux users were missing out on a lot of games.

After two years of hard work, they’ve introduced a new version of Steam Play, one which allows Windows games with no Linux versions to run on Linux with Vulkan support. They’ve done this by using a modified version of Wine which they’ve dubbed Proton and it is completely Open Source and available on GitHub. While titles that don’t support Vulkan may have a bit off a performance difference, they’ve stated that those that do support Vulkan should not have any performance loss. Here’s the full list of games that Steam Play currently supports in in initial Beta:

If you want to test this out, you can simply opt into the Linux Steam Client Beta and install and play games. To know more about this click here to go to read the full announcement post.

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